Commercial Electrician in Clarkston

Organizing and running the daily ins and outs of a business is a job and a half. Business owners have to do a variety of different jobs to keep a business afloat. With so much to do, it is not surprising that we sometimes forget about the systems which allow businesses to operate. So, it is always a good idea to make a point to check your electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems every month or two, to catch small issues before they become big problems.

Though you may be good at many things, it is strongly recommended to not take on any electrical work yourself. If your business is in Clarkston, then give a call to the trusted professionals at Rock Electrical, Inc. to perform an in-depth inspection of your electrical systems or to fix any electrical difficulties you encounter.

Commercial Electrical Repair Services and More

Here are some of the more popular services we provide to the businesses of Clarkston.

Electrical panel upgrades and wiring - though devices are becoming more energy efficient, the average business uses a great deal of equipment to function at its best. However, some of the buildings in Clarkston still use outdated electrical panels and this is often not enough power. If you would like to upgrade your panel so it can handle new technologies as they become available, then a panel upgrade is just what you need.

Generator Installation and Maintenance - it is always good to have a plan b. If your business can't afford to stop because of a power outage, then you need a generator. But there are many things to consider when buying and installing a stand by generator. Does it need to run the whole business or just emergency services? Do you need it to turn on automatically or only when you say so? A quick conversation with Rock Electrical, Inc. will help you narrow down your options.

Electrical Code Updates and Safety Inspections - if your building is old, then it is a very good idea to have the wring inspected. We can make sure that everything is up to code and that all potential hazards are dealt with. Giving you peace of mind.

Lighting Installation - having a well-lit work environment is essential for safety but it is also important to make your lighting as efficient as possible. Whether it is interior, exterior, security or accent lighting we can create the right lighting system that works for your business and your budget.

Appliance Installation - are you thinking of expanding the break room to accommodate your growing business? No matter the reason, if you need an appliance installed by professionals then we can help.

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The commercial electrical field is a very competitive industry, which makes us very proud that our clients keep calling upon us when they need repairs or updates. With years of experience helping the businesses of Clarkston get the most out of their electrical systems, we promise that when you contact Rock Electrical, Inc. you will get superior electrical expertise and friendly customer service, every time!