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New Construction Electrical

Rock Electrical, Inc. is the team to call to get your construction project wired properly. We are an experienced team of electrical experts dedicated to providing high-quality work no matter the size of the project.

During our tenure in the industry, we have seen it all. We know all there is to know about the convergence of electrical and construction. We have every trick in our arsenal to make the process of getting your project set up efficiently with electricity in no time.

Call (248) 620-6555 to schedule your initial consultation with us. We can't wait to make your project easier.

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Experienced New Construction Electricians

Let alone our other incredible qualities, you could trust our team solely based on our experience. For many years, we have been perfecting our service quality as electricians. We know exactly how to please project managers and contractors alike with our exceptional work ethic, knowledge of the subject, and extreme attention to detail paid to every job we take on.

If experience equates to knowledge, we are very knowledgeable. The amount of successful new construction electrical projects we have taken on are too many to count, and the variety in projects throughout that impressive history is staggering.

We are invested in the success of your project. Your satisfaction with our services is in direct correlation to our success as electricians. We do not take your patronage for granted, and we'll prove ourselves by showing you that we are the best new construction electrician you've ever had. 

Top-Tier New Construction Electrical Services

Being dedicated to customer satisfaction requires us to be organized, highly communicative, on-time, and effective. These are the pillars of our service, and the emphasis of these pillars sets us apart and makes us the obvious choice to electrify your project.

When you hire our team, you can expect:

  • Thorough consultations
  • Informative staff
  • Accurate quotes
  • Electrical project assessment
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Efficient electrical systems
  • Additional information

Hire Rock Electrical, Inc. if you expect nothing but the best. Like many of our clients, you realize that there is no one better you can call to get your construction project off the ground.

Maintaining High-Quality Electrical Service Throughout

The goal is to complete your project quickly. But moreover, we want to make sure that everything has been taken care of without a single error. To wire your construction project, we will need to focus on the electrical layout of the building. This will have been discussed in the consultation, and every day we will provide contractors and project managers with a detailed progress report.

We will make sure nothing is missed. We will complete our thorough electrical inspection and carry out numerous tests before we say the job is done. We will make sure your electricity is working efficiently and that you have optimal access to it.

New Construction Electrical Services Helpful to Your Project

With Rock Electrical, Inc., your project will be running smoothly in no time. We are an essential aspect of your building project and want to provide exceptional electrician service.

If you are at the onset of a new construction building project, you have a lot to think about, like choosing the perfect location or hiring framers and plumbers. If you are still looking for the perfect contractor to design and install electrical wiring, you've come to the right place.

For years, Rock Electrical, Inc. has been completing new construction electrical work for homes and businesses across the local area. No matter the size or nature of the project, our team is confident we can get the job done right.

Reach us at (248) 620-6555 to book a consultation and discuss your upcoming building project. We look forward to working with you.

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Hire the Area's Best New Construction Electrician

Rock Electrical, Inc. isn't your typical electrical company. Our team is highly trained and experienced in designing and installing electrical wiring for new buildings. We work closely with our clients to understand their property's power demands and determine what kind of power sources and applications will be appropriate.

In this day and age, we rely on more electricity than ever before, and we would be pretty lost without it, so ensuring that you install reliable wiring is essential.

Our team would be happy to discuss your building project in more detail, so reach out to our experts today.

Book a Consultation to Discuss Your Electrical Design

Every building project is unique, and our experts always take a customized approach to your service. When you contact us, we will schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience and discuss the details of your construction. Our team will also take the opportunity to survey your space and determine its electrical needs overall.

When the initial consultation is complete, our experts should be able to provide you with a cost estimate and timeline for the installation.

Find Great Rates on Electrical Services

While new construction electrical services are considered specialized, our team doesn't want to overcharge. We are proud to provide our valued clients with pricing they can afford without sacrificing quality.

However, the overall cost of your service will depend on the amount of materials your building needs and how long they take to install. If you want more details, please get in touch. We'd be happy to crunch some numbers.

Invest in Your Property when You Hire a Trusted Electrical Contractor

If you're investing money into a custom-built home, commercial renovation, or building addition, you don't want to waste your resources hiring the wrong contractor. When you put your faith in Rock Electrical, Inc. you can trust that you are in the very best hands. Our team has been working in this industry for many years, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible customer experience and high-quality, long-lasting results they can count on.

No matter what kind of building project you're working on, we want to play a role in delivering power to your property.

If you are not completely satisfied with our services, please let us know. We will work hard to correct it so you can enjoy well-functioning electrical appliances and systems into the future.

Trust Rock Electrical, Inc. for New Construction Electrical Services in Bloomfield Township

Building a home from the bottom up is an exciting prospect for any resident of Bloomfield Township. Once the foundation is up, many homeowners start to envision what the final result will look like, until they realize they still have to wire their entire home for electrical systems. That’s where we come in. Rock Electrical, Inc. is proud to be the contractor of choice for new construction electrical services in Bloomfield Township. We ensure all electrical components are installed safely and up to code specifications. At Rock Electrical, Inc., we keep you informed every step of the way so you’re never left in the dark.

About Our Electrical Services

In our many years of experience working with homeowners in Bloomfield Township, we’ve seen and handled it all. Whether your electrical job is big, small, complex, or straightforward, trust us to plan and install all fixtures down to light switches and extra panels for holiday lights. Our electrical installation services include:

  • Specialty services including USB outlets and entertainment wiring.
  • Service panels
  • Outlets and GFI outlets
  • Light switches
  • Hallway lighting
  • Room lighting
  • Garage lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Dimmers
  • Lightning protection
  • Wiring systems for outdoor fixtures
  • Phone and speaker wiring

This is just the tip of iceberg of what we have to offer, so call us to find out how Rock Electrical, Inc. can help with your new construction electrical job.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to electrical systems, quality, and safety are paramount. All of our electricians are licensed, trained, and experienced in servicing the homes of Bloomfield Township. We work with an extreme attention to detail so that all fixtures are installed properly and according to code. You can also trust us to keep you informed with friendly, thorough communication at every turn. We’ll work together to ensure the final product meets or exceeds both of our expectations.

New Build Electrical Contractors Who See the Full Picture

Here at Rock Electrical, Inc., we make sure to take an intelligent approach to our new construction wiring. We will consider all aspects of your property and ensure that nothing is overlooked in our planning process. Because we make sure to create a cohesive design for your property, you never have to worry about an electrical system that creates problems or doesn’t work well together. 

Future-Proof Your Property for Electrical Upgrades

If you want to ensure that your electrical system will be easy to work with down the line, our contractors can help. Our new construction electrical wiring is designed with expansions and upgrades in mind, so you don’t need to worry about headaches if you decide to add to your property in the future.

Electricians That Keep Your Construction Moving Smoothly

Our new construction electricians work hard to complement the rest of your building project and make sure that everything stays on schedule. Whenever you need us to arrive in your construction process, you can rest assured that we will be there on time and with everything we need to get the job done right. When you want to avoid any delays with your construction, then you can count on us. 

Great Communication from Your Electrical Contractors

Most construction projects require careful coordination and many moving parts. The electrical installations will undoubtedly be an important step in this process, but you will likely have other contractors playing roles as well. With that in mind, we are a versatile and adaptable company that can work with your existing building team to ensure the best possible results for your building. 

Make Sure Your Building Is Up to Code with Our Electricians

No matter where you are constructing your new building, it will be important to adhere to the local rules and regulations. This is not lost on us here at Rock Electrical, Inc., which is why we make sure to stay well versed in all of the building codes in the areas we operate. When you hire us for your new installations, you can feel confident that there will be no violations throughout your entire electrical system.

Electrical Installations for Residential and Commercial Properties

Our certified team of electricians can handle jobs of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what type of building you are constructing—we are guaranteed to be a valuable resource for ensuring a functional and efficient electrical system. If you still have any questions or concerns about our ability to accommodate your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more. 

Experienced Electrical Installation Contractors

We have completed a wide range of unique new construction electrical jobs, making us a trustworthy resource for your upcoming project. We draw from years of experience and have established many resources during our time in business. When you want to ensure that you get the highest quality electrical work for your new property, you can’t go wrong with a company that has demonstrated its abilities countless times before. 

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