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With qualified commercial electricians on our team, Rock Electrical, Inc. provides expert commercial installations and repairs. We are licensed and insured contractors, and proud to provide service in Clarkston. As professionals in the industry, we are equipped to handle all of your commercial electrical needs. We work diligently to maintain our reputation as the highest-rated commercial electricians in Clarkston. At Rock Electrical, Inc., we understand the importance of keeping current with the latest education, certifications, and qualifications that the industry has to offer. We are available on your schedule, provide outstanding customer satisfaction, and can assist with small wiring jobs to large contract bids.

Commercial Electrician Services in Clarkston

Here at Rock Electrical, Inc., we have the ability to manage all of your commercial electrical requirements in Clarkston, from large new construction projects to minor electrical repairs and installations. Our mission is to produce a commercial electrical system that ensures safety and provides energy efficiency while equipping work spaces for maximum productivity and growth potential. We have the experience you can trust, and we always stay current with industry and technological advancements to continually provide our clients with the best products and service available. From building retrofits to new commercial construction and electrical maintenance services, a qualified commercial electrician from our team can serve the electrical needs of any commercial property owners. Some of the commercial electrical services we provide in the Clarkston area include:

  • Code updates and corrections
  • Commercial energy audits
  • Generator installation and maintenance
  • Circuit installation and electrical panel upgrades
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Commercial specialty lighting

Our commercial electrical services division also performs interior and exterior electrical maintenance to give business owners considerable savings.


At the heart of our services is the safety of electrical inspection for businesses. This thorough process is meticulously designed to examine your electrical systems from various aspects. Our adept electricians scrutinize every wire, socket, and switch to uncover any underlying risks or non-compliance issues.

Then, we prepare a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for necessary adjustments and upgrades. This service helps ensure your business ticks all the safety boxes and optimizes energy efficiency, contributing to overall operational success.


Speed, efficiency, and precision are paramount in our commercial electrical installation services. Our team of certified electricians has the expertise to design and install electrical systems that match your business-specific requirements. Be it the initial wiring for a newly constructed building or upgrading an existing infrastructure for increased capacity, we guarantee seamless installations.

Our commercial electrical installations aim to enhance your business environment, promoting productivity and reducing downtime. You can count on our experts to adhere to safety rules and make sure your workspace remains secure and operational.


Electrical issues can create significant disruptions in your business operations, but with our trusted commercial electrical repairs, you can ensure sustained productivity and safety. Our seasoned electricians are skilled in diagnosing and resolving complex electrical problems, from minor glitches to major malfunctions.

Whether it's a faulty wiring issue or a broken circuit, we're committed to restoring your system's functionality and safety to keep your business powered up and running efficiently.


In every efficient commercial establishment lies a powerful, fully functional electrical panel. Our skilled electricians specialize in electrical panel upgrades. We work diligently to ensure your business has the energy capacity to power all your operations, from high-tech machinery to basic lighting.

Upgrading your electrical panel enhances your electrical system's efficiency and capacity and greatly improves safety, reducing risks of power surges and electrical fires.

Stay ahead of the curve with us and empower your business with our top-tier electrical panel upgrades.


Reliability and responsiveness are crucial when it comes to addressing unexpected electrical issues. We offer 24-hour commercial electrician services to promptly tackle any electrical emergencies that might disrupt your business operations.

Day or night, our expert electricians stand ready to troubleshoot and rectify any electrical problems with the utmost professionalism and commitment to safety. Why not work with us for quick, qualified, and reliable electrical troubleshooting? We're only one phone call away.


Understanding that every business operates on a budget, we're committed to providing top-tier commercial electrical services at an affordable price point. Our pricing model is transparent and competitive, with no hidden charges.

This approach ensures you get the best possible electrical solutions that align with your budget considerations without compromising quality or safety. Your business's electrical system is in good hands with us. We promise an unparalleled blend of affordability, professionalism, and reliability.

Expertise, Quality and Professionalism

All of our technicians are licensed and insured, we provide upfront pricing, and we are available to respond to your needs promptly. Our goal is to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction, and we attain that by providing quality, professional services. Our in-depth, ongoing training speaks to our reliability and means that we do the job right the first time. Our unparalleled professionalism, attention to detail and respect is evident in our reputation as an industry leader.

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